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SIBEX Technology

SIBEX is the world’s first fully decentralized technology enabling peer-to-peer OTC Trades directly between Bitcoin and ETH/ERC20 Tokens. We give back control to users. No middlemen, No settlement/exchange token, No withdrawal & Custody fees. Traders settle on chain. This makes international 24/7 OTC trades possible to everyone and unlocks unprecedented trading opportunities.

Our decentralized technology makes SIBEX the most sophisticated OTC dark pool for digital assets. The platform is transparent, market-weighted, and price protected trading with the discretion and cost-efficiency of hidden order

No More Slippage

Open Trades & Offers are made directly by market Makers/Taker and are executed at once. As no Third-party is ever involved, the open-orders are real trades, covered by real assets with bid/ask price really corresponding to the market. As such, traders will never encounter fake volumes, fake spreads and asymmetry of information between traders.

Full Legal Compliance & Privacy

Both trading parties have a full record of the trade & users’ assets are never held by third-parties. They enjoy total privacy at any given time and their trading strategy stays confidential to the other network peers.

Unprecedented Trading Network

SIBEX unique decentralized technology enables global 24/7 OTC Trades with international leading counterparts and breaks regional liquidity clusters. Global OTC liquidity for all.

Lowest Fees In the Industry

The users will only pay a 2 basis points (0.02%) per transaction fee on market taker side. No deposit/withdrawal fees. No custody fees.

Real-time Mutual Settlement

Market makers and market takers enjoy a peer-to-peer mutual settlement. This means they are no third-party ever involved, no settlement risks, no possible front-running, no asymmetry of information.

Non-Custodial Architecture

Every SIBEX users settle their trades using directly their own personal AWS trading server. Private Keys are always exclusively under the user’s control.

Advanced Trading Tools

User driven UI. Users can tailor-made their orders. (Partials, Dark, Iceberg, Market, Limit, etc.). Settlement Monitoring & Auditing.

SIBEX's Technology

Your Private Trading Server

SIBEX Technology

SIBEX empowers every user and gives them back control on their assets. The assets, information and the data stored on the users AWS trading servers are only available to the user’s sole discretion and guarantees full privacy, security and the decentralization of trade settlements.

SIBEX is the first systems software to make trading operations between blockchains accessible to non-technical users. This creates unprecedented arbitrage opportunities and grants all SIBEX users to take advantage of inevitable price differences around the world and with centralized trading platforms.

SIBEX technology relies on cross-chain atomic SWAPS to enable users to settle directly peer-to-peer between blockchains. This component is important as the settlement mechanics goes through Hashed timelock smart contracts (HTLC) to protect both trade counterparts from front-trading and double-pending. The SIBEX technology has been proven and passed a security audit, you may find more information in the website footer.

SIBEX is also unique because it deploys for every users their own personal trading server on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The server is continuously synchronized with the underlying blockchains to secure and guarantee trade execution 24/7.

The assets, private keys, information and the data stored on the users AWS trading servers are only available to the user’s sole discretion and guarantees full privacy, security and the decentralization of trade settlements.

Power of Trading from your Server

The reliability, trust and security of AWS server.

SIBEX users’ AWS server is the ultimate feature to guarantee privacy, security and cross-border OTC Trades. Open orders can be shared to the network or not (dark orders available) depending on the trading strategy. Once the order is matched, SIBEX cross-chain smart contracts enables the peer-to-peer trade settlement.

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